ToTaLLy CooL
is a print Magazine ... in TV Land.
Since its beginning concept it has
been that with a strong -from the
heart- editorial point of view. It airs
each week only in Manhattan, in
The City of The World: It is "The
Heart of The Big Gotham." Many
people say- (even those as close
as the Bronx and Brooklyn) "What
is Totally Cool (r) and when are we
going to get it ???" "We can't get
it. And we want it ! " Now every
one can "get it." Why do they all
want it ?
This is a project that has waited
millions of years to happen. And
as we go forward we will show that
statement become literal: "It took
millions of years to make this happen."
Totally Cool (r) has had roots as a
major presence in the editorial world
for a long time- but it was not meant
to be brought forward to the Global
level until this time when we reached
The New Millennium.
Spring 2000-
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The Totally Cool
I kept rushing and rushing to get
things done. So "Crazy busy."
Get it out. Beat the clock. But
true movement is within a rhythm.
So go with the flow. This is the
1st Presentation in print. Like
a good wine. We only can get
better with age.
If I may take a moment to say,
this is a profound day that I am
very thankful for. Many people
with warmth in their heart help
make all the good things happen.
And that is what it is all about:
Good things. Good News. And
a true Better Quality of Life. I love
to see or help make a person
and people smile. But this is
a time when I am smiling inside.
Because Totally Cool (r) is about:
You and the many wondrous
worlds around you. But rather
than me telling you about it, go
inside ... you see for yourself.
Because Totally Cool (r) is not and
was not meant to be "back in the
1900's." It is what it is. Totally Cool (r)
going into The Future. For all of Those
with us today, for all of those that are
coming into the world, and all of those
we remember --

Totally Cool (r) 2000 +
In the 4th year of the last decade
of the 1900's I created the concept
of Totally Cool (r) - its existence,
and the offical trademark. Like an
infant it had a vision but had to
grow into it. We are going to print !
Technology had to blossom so we
could share with you the treasures
we have found. Totally Cool (r) !
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800 x 600 pixels

Richard Renda
Executive Director.
Creator of, and The
Original: Totally Cool (r)
Totally Cool (r) is strictly Editorial.
It is rule of thumb. We are not
"competitive" with anyone. We
have no need to be. Because
every body has something or
someone that is Totally Cool (r)
to them. We Are truly Interactive.
Coming To
A Newstand
Near You ! ! !
and Winter.
Totally Cool (r)- The
Magazine is exactly
that: A Magazine. It
Not A Netzine. It is a
Magazine. Our look
may be somewhat
different then what is
the norm for the Web.
But like Fashion is to
us: The Celebration
of Time and Life. The
Web is our Canvas
In Space. A painter
with a paint bush in
hand, creating: Art.
Have Fun ! Have a
Lot of Fun ! ! ! Totally
Cool (r).
You all be well
and definitely--
take care.
Lots of Love...
When you need to
relax, sit back, take
a read.
Need a

It is monumental. Special and unique.
Just like you being here alive in this
time and space. Very unique.

A schedule in destiny. This is
the 1st Link to Totally Cool (r)
The Magazine.
On the 4th day of the 4th
month at 4:44 in the a.m. --
Year 2000.
c. "Always Good News All The Time."
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