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A Round The World
with David Hebble

by Bettina Cirone
and Ian Jerolmack
Autumn Issue.

On Page Music Talent:
The Blessed Spirits
Vanessa Mae
Virgin EMI Records.

The Year 2000.
This does have Great Meaning to all peoples and to each individual. The Year 2000 at its Highest
Level is known as "A Karma Year." It is the year where all of the past collects in one point called
"The Vortex In Time." It is the absolute beginning to the next 10,000 years and all the years that
shall come in the future. What that means is everything you do in the year 2000 will be the turning
point, a beginning and a cornerstone to what your whole future will be like. You may not realize
that every step you take during the year 2000 will set the pace of everything connected to your
every future. If you look at the statement "every future" you may see that could be Big. In realizing
that, you may understand -this will be- the final destiny of your karma: your individual Karma. That
is the why you were born and are living in this time. The time of radio, television, computers, jets,
cars, remotes, wireless, space travel. At the beginning to the births of all that. Do you get it ???
Do you see. It is a time that will forever be extremely special in human History. Extremely unique.
Life chose you, invited you to be there. Realize. You are in ... The Time of The Future.
It kind of goes like this. If you -yourself- do good things in the year 2000 that is the direction You
set for your whole future. If you clean out the skeletons in the closet, balance your life, be nicer
and more honest to all that is around you then you write the future of your history on solid ground.
Which includes all of those that are around you. If you continue on any of the evil paths, to lie,
cover-up, be filled with deceit, or be unconcerned with all that is Life's truths and you refuse to
grow -- then the natural Forces (betterly known as "the forces that be") set a pace for your lack
of contribution and will therefore throw the most intense monkey wrenches into your tomorrows.
Again, call it "balance." Those with wisdom know. This is true. The Year of Opportunity. The
Year 2000. Like none other before. And none thereafter. When it is gone it is gone. The moment
you enter The Year 2001 the pace will be set and the clock of Life begins to count again. 2001,
2002, 2003 in To The Future. Remember. You will not be able to go back and start all over again.
So since there is no number assigned to that year 2000 that means: it is about what you do with
it. A window of Opportunity. It is in reality "The Year That Gives You A Chance." If you look at
what you have done through the Year 2000 you can now gauge how much of what you wanted
to complete -- and see how well you are doing. As you enter the final phase, the last quarter of
2000, it is not too late to set your pace. Many say "The New Millennium" actually begins in 2001.
The 1900's were the past Millennium. And there it is. The Year 2000. An "Open" year assigned.
For you. To see ... yourself.
To become better than what you
were. To truly make a difference.
To undo any wrongs and begin
a future where those coming into
it will be proud of the work you all
did. 2 + 2 = 4, never 5. Even if
you want to Believe otherwise.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
This is the generation that will be
remembered. "The Generation
of What Was and What Is." Our
responsibiltiy is greater than all
generations that ever lived. We
are the generation that makes a
The Year of Opportunity.
" Solid Ground "
by David Hebble
We can stop the past from killing the future.
Skin Tight
Photos: Alberto Rizzo

Believe. Believe In You.
" Solid Ground "
photo by David Hebble
84 The Year of Opportunity
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