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"Always Good News
All The Time."
What is Totally Cool about You ?
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Any time you see
this Vortex Swirl
it will take you to
the beginning of
Totally Cool
If You Want To Capture The
World, capture it with a net --
A ToTaLLy CoOL Net !

Cool is a Word in the English
Language that "expresses
Emotion." It describes --
"things that we like."

The 4 Standards
1. Quality
2. Durablity
3. Good Value
4. Great Fun

The Editorial Project

presented by:
Stylists & Company, NYC
Last MInute Productions
c. 1994 - 2001 ...
in association with
EV Productions.
Then there is Totally Cool ...

Totally Cool is not necessarily
"Trendy." Totally Cool is
about "Something that comes
from the Heart."

This is a little Teaser.
Can you hear it ???

Music Talent
on MCA Records

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