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Autumn Episode
The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
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Winter 2001
"The Living MagaZine."
Tornados Roar.
If You touch one.
Then just wait.

Let me see...
Music credit (talent) playing
in This Space: Romeo + Juliet
One Inch Punch
Capitol Records

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sound. Every Space you Enter
has Sound. And Hot Links are
Red: they take you somewhere.
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And some TreeTop Fun !
The MagaZine Summer Cover:
Nadine Child - Boss Models
Alberto Rizzo - Photographer
Robin Narvaez - Hair & Make-up
Borja Color Studio, NYC
In To The Fashion Well:
Note: Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."
Women In Business: " Gender
Prejudice. Discrimination."

Totally Cool
"A Magazine In Space"
is rated "PG."
The Fashion Well 2000
Developing ...
The Wormhole Continual.
The MagaZine.
To be posted ... The Video Library (including):
Totally Cool Talks Live - Learning To Save,
Save As, "The Store" and more. Much more.
continues ... Onward ! This is The
Presentation Mode. Are You Ready. Sit Back.
And Look Around.
You are Welcome.

The Marina Experience -- Part I

Spring Episode:
Winter Issue
Get that Mosquito !
The Fashion Well
Summer Episode:
Fashion Photos: Alberto Rizzo
Editorial Director: Richard Renda
The Lady Is Alex
Hair & Make-up: Matt
Lounge wear by La Perla
Quilted Jacket Flo Wienberg
Necklace by Gurmit
Editor-In Chief Laurie S. Schechter

A Round The World with
David Hebble "Water Friendly III"
Politics, Politics, Politics:
And A Coup In America ?
From The
Of Time ...

Start Counting
Winter Issue - 2001

A Year Round delight
The Fashion Well
Photo Shoot
From The Beginning Of Time
Louis DiCarllo Controversy
Pushing The Edge: Relax ... Photo
Shoot 2
Master Jeweler - The Story
Music Wrap
DVD and Video
Computers and Servers
Sneak A Peek.
Getting Ready for Spring: Think Hot.

A Bit Of Philosphy
What's The Beef - Todaro Bros.
Greyhounds In Need
For The Sport
I Pledge Allegence
Hail Mary, Holy Chad !
Happy New Year 2001 !
To Everyone
And Blessings Upon
The Mac Attack
From The Beginning Of Time
Totally Cool
Something That Comes
From The Heart.

What Is. On
The Inside.

You are. Part of the
picture. You can
see absolute truth.
If you dare to look.
Get Comfortable.
Relax. You belong.
When ? In Time.
Busying In Space.

The Future ...

It Arrives.
The MagaZine
photo by
Alberto Rizzo
Hair & make-up
Richard Renda
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